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Third Wave Coffee

Pouring Coffee into Filter


Vos Roasters was born 2017 in Seattle, Washington out of the desire to roast coffee that I would actually buy. Living in Seattle this shouldn’t be a big issue - there is a coffee shop on every corner. But the truth is, great coffee isn’t that easy to find. There were only a small handful of shops where I would go to buy single origin coffee that was, in my humble opinion, roasted perfectly.

I had to know: What were they doing different? Why was coffee that tasted so much better coming out of a particular small coffee shop and not out of these big chains that go nationwide?

One budding obsession later I learned that the coffee I was after comes out of a movement called Third Wave or Specialty coffee. At its essence Third Wave coffee is methodically roasted and brewed in a way that best highlights the natural nuances and complexities of each coffee bean.

After understanding what I cherished in coffee I bought a roaster and set out to roast coffee that would satisfy my perceptive palate. I trained in Third Wave roasting. I traded tips with my favorite roasters. I roasted coffee I loved.

Along the way I found a lot of people who shared my love for single origin coffee and I decided to share my passion with them, thus Vos Roasters was born. Coffee beans roasted for those with the same discerning taste and strict craving for quality.

Welcome to Vos Roasters. Welcome to Third Wave Coffee. 

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